To ensure proper accommodations for your pet, please call ahead for all daycare & boarding – thank you!

Suites & A La Carte

All the Suites are Island Destinations

Doggie Daycare & Boarding Facility Boarding Suites

There are Three Suite Sizes

  • 4×8 Suites
    • There are 4 available for non-spayed/non-neutered or pets that do not like to vacation with others
    • First come, first serve reservations
    • Private play area
    • Guillotine door access if necessary
  • 6×6 Suites
  • 4×7 Suites
    • There are 6 available
    • These are only available in our Isolation Islands for sick or special circumstances
    • Pets cannot return to the general population if they are placed in this area in the facility
    • There is a separate play area outside for any vacationers that need to stay with us in this destination area.

Environment: Room Service


  • We encourage you bring your pets own food.  This will prevent an upset tummy while they stay.
  • We do offer meals for an additional $2 per meal should you need us to provide one.
  • Royal Canine Calypso Cafe
    • We feed a high quality diet provided by Royal Canin
    • Food preparation with room service is an option for an addition fee if necessary
    • Treats at an additional fee
      • Variety of brands
      • High quality
      • Dental chew sticks
      • Toy chew inserts
      • Options for hypoallergenic
      • Gourmet treats available upon request
      • Frosty Paws
    • Bottled/filtered water available for an additional fee

A La Carte Services & Items

Pet A La Carte Service Prices

*Private Play Time – includes an activity of your pet’s preference – fetch, agility, tug,
or any activity your pet enjoys – Please advise our staff at the time of drop-off*