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Myrtle Beach Veterinarians: Large Animal Services

Equine Dentistry

Dental care should be a part of every horse’s regular health maintenance routine regardless of his/her age or appearance.  Horse's teeth continuously grow approximately 1/8th of an inch until between the age of 18 - 25. Many horses go through life without any major dental issues, however, there may be any number of signs you pick up on that may indiciate it's time to have your horse's teeth checked out. For a list of helpful signs, please check out the "Helpful Tips" page on our website and click on the Fall - Floating Teeth PDF. 


Why should I vaccinate my horse? Some factors to think about:

  • Consequences of the disease (morbidity/mortality, zoonotic potential)
  • Cost of immunization (time, labor and vaccine costs) vs. potential cost of disease (time out of competition; impact of movement restrictions imposed in order to control an outbreak of contagious disease; labor and medication if, or when, horses develop clinical disease and require treatment, or loss of life.)
  • 8 way vaccine – 1 shot
    • Covers West Nile, EEE, VEE, WEE, Influenza, EHV 1 & 4, Tetanus
  • Rabies
  • Strangles

Blood Work/Other Laboratory testing

  • Full laboratory services available
  • Coggins test and health certificates

Diet Recommendations

We offer dietary recommendations to ensure that your horse is receiving the right balance of nutrition for his/her line of work.

Laser Therapy

  • Your animal will receive instant relief of pain, inflammation and swelling associated with soft tissue injuries, trauma, surgery and chronic everyday disorders.
  • The Class IV laser delivers a large amount of light energy into the animal's body. When it interacts with damaged cells, healing is accelerated and pain virtually eliminated.
  • This advanced technology offers drug-free, surgery-free, pain-free relief

Ambulatory Service

All services can be completed at our facility in Myrtle Beach or we can come to you!

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