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Myrtle Beach Veterinarian Helpful Tips

Please see some very useful websites below which we put together for your use.  Thanks for stopping by and reading the helpful tips our Myrtle Beach veterinarian team has put together!

Helpful Websites

Lepto Disease Info
Be Vaccine Smart
Lyme Disease Info
Have We Seen Your Cat Lately
Your Dogs Heart
My Cat Has Diabetes
My Ideal Solution

Your Animal & the Four Seasons


Spring is the season to check for heartworm disease, fleas and ticks. Spring can bring about many new sounds and smells to entice your pet to go outside and play. For information on how to help protect your pet, check out this helpful PDF. Click for Heartworm PDF > Click for Fleas and Ticks PDF >


Summer is the season to not only be prepared for hurricanes in your home, but also regarding your pet.  It's also important to know what to do in the event your pet has heat stroke, what you can do to puppy and kitten-proof your home and understanding bloodwork.  Click for Hurricane Preparedness PDF > Click for Heat Stroke PDF > Click for Puppy & Kitten Proof Your House PDF > Click for Understanding Your Pets Blood Work PDF >


Fall is the season to check your horse for colic and overall equine teeth health.  Although your horse may not have any suspicious symptoms, the following PDF is helpful in conducting an at-home check-up.  Click for Colic PDF > Click for Floating Teeth PDF >


Winter is the season for dental awareness for all pets.  For information on dental disease and at-home dental care, the following PDF is helpful in helping to keep your pet's dental health in check.  Click for Dental Awareness PDF >

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