The Pet Doctor

Squirrel Appreciation Day!


Hey it’s Frederick here with breaking news about an upcoming pet holiday! January 21, 2017 is Squirrel Appreciation Day! That’s right you heard it here first it’s a holiday dedicated to our favorite woodland creature, that we as canines love to chase. It’s a holiday started in North Carolina by Christy McKeown in 2001. Originally it was introduced as a way to encourage people to put out seeds and nuts to help feed the little guys. Kudos to Christy for that by the way, because those little guys need help sometimes. Plus, without food they won’t have the energy to run from us. That makes for a dull chase.

For the sake of the squirrel holiday I, Sir Frederick, shall spread some knowledge about them. Squirrels can be found almost everywhere on the Earth. They are native to Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Also, they’ve been introduced into Australia as well. The Western and Eastern grey squirrels are very common in North America. The red squirrel is more popular in Europe, but in Great Britain and Ireland the numbers are decreasing. They can range in size from a few inches to as long as three feet long. The smallest known squirrel is the African Pygmy, being about 3 inches on average. The largest is the Indian giant squirrel being close to three feet. Lastly, just so you have the proper term a group of squirrels is called a scurry.

So now you have the knowledge of the holiday and of the squirrel, make sure to go out and leave some seeds and nuts out for the little guys. Once they are sufficiently fed take out your furry friends on a walk and lets us chase the furry rodents until our hearts are content. Long live the squirrel, and long live the chase!!!

See you all on January 21 for Squirrel appreciation day.



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