The Pet Doctor

Holiday Gift Ideas and Boarding Needs!


Hey all,

The Pet Doctor family is wishing you a happy holiday! Speaking of happy holiday, Christmas is literally a week away! ONE WHOLE WEEK!!!!! You know that that means right? It’s time to get a Pet Doctor Heroes & Rescues calendar! They are only $20.00. That’s a steal for the holidays right? Think about and go get one!

In the meantime let’s talk about the boarding facility. We know that your plans may be set for the holidays, but what about next year? What about your next business trip that that boss sends you on without warning? You need to board your fur baby with us! Don’t hesitate to call us and set up your next visit today. Remember it’s not limited to overnight boarding, we have a doggie daycare as well. Have your pup spend the day with us! Call us now, 843-39-1333

We’ll see you soon!