The Pet Doctor

Crunch Time!!!

Sir Frederick here to let you know that we have now entered Crunch time! If you haven’t voted, then now is the time! We’re entering our final countdown towards the event day and that means we’re getting ready to start tallying votes. It’s so exciting, but I must contain that and relay this information to you all.


  1. Voting will be coming to a close on August 17, 2016. I repeat on 8/17/16 voting will come to a close. No more votes will be accepted after that date! The time is now to add your votes my friends!
  2. Since voting is coming to a close there is a special incentive offered for voting here on the blog. Votes on the blog henceforth will be counted as two votes! That’s right they will count double until the 17th! Get out there and tell your friends to put in their votes Link here—>
  3. The FINAL vote will be at the event. So we won’t know a winner until the day of at the event site. So come out to enjoy the festivities and to have one final chance to vote for your favorite Hero and Rescue! Remember August 20th between 3pm-6pm at The House of Blues!!!