The Pet Doctor

Computer Catz are GO!



While preparations are underway for the Pet Pageant this year Hokie and Clemson had a small hiccup in their plans. What kind of hiccup you ask? Check it out below


Hokie paced back and forth in front of his laptop contemplating on the myriad of ways he could destroy his favorite “warm box” because it was losing it’s mechanical mind right now. In all his hissing and spitting he uttered a few choice words that garnered Clemson’s attention, much to her chagrin.

“Could you please keep it down!?” Clemson yelled sauntering into the room. Hokie hissed at his laptop screen again as it blinked on and off again.

“This good for nothing computing device has decided to go on the fritz! I’ve been working on documents, itineraries, and everything in between and it has decided to die! Give up! Kamikaze itself!” Hokie rants as he walks all over it.

“I’m sure walking on top of it was the cause of the problem fool. Sit down and calm yourself!” Clemson ordered. Reluctantly he took a seat and took a breath. Clemson approached the computer and stared at it, before giving one simple smack and came to a conclusion.

“Yup it’s broken.” She said before yawning nonchalantly. Hokie rolled his eyes and growled at her.

“I knew that already! Sometimes you really make me want to say not so kid friendly words.” Hokie growled at her. She walked him and pushed him over.

“Calm down and call the Computer Catz.” She said to him calmly.

“Who?” he asked.

“The Computer Catz. You know Marty and Will? Those guys are awesome. For one they would be here in no time, and second they work quickly and efficiently.” Clemson said to him sliding him a phone.

“Wow, that sounds awesome. What’s their number?” Hokie asked eagerly.

With that the problem was solved in no time and plans continued for the Pet Pageant. So let this be a lesson, and don’t get frustrated about computer issues.

Call the Computer Catz

Marty: 843-283-3156

Will: 843-283-1409