The Pet Doctor

Need Something to Do

We here at The Pet Doctor knows it is a stressful situation to wait for the Pet Pageant to come around. We understand how rough it is, so why not occupy yourself and your family?

How about you head over to this awesome Utopia of fun known as The Fun Warehouse(843-748-0302)! They have it all when it comes to entertainment: Pizza, Bowling, Skating, Laser Tag, and did I mention that even for the adults they have Adult beverages too.


If you’re looking for more of an outdoor scene then how about some miniature golf fun? Check out the various courses we have here on the beach:

Mutiny Bay

Mutiny Bay (843) 249-7844

Molten Mountain

Molten Mountain (843) 280-5095

Cancun Lagoon

Cancun Lagoon (843) 444-1098


Lose yourself on these fun courses for now, and the time will fly by between now and The Pet Pageant. See you August 20th at The House of Blues