The Pet Doctor

How to Vote

We’ve entered the home stretch so that means it’s officially time to start casting votes for your favorite heroes and Pets for the 2016 Pet Pageant! For us to crown victors on August 20th, we need you all to vote vote vote!!!

The Process:

It’s simple, there is a chance for you to give the contestant of your choosing two votes. The first way is to vote via liking their picture on our Facebook page.

The second vote comes from viewing our blog and voting for them there. Once the voting link becomes active again it will be added to each contestants post and you will be able to cast your vote for them there. Votes will be tallied by us and the results will be given the day of the event at the event.

*Update* here is the link to vote

Please no cheating what so ever, this is a fun filled event for charity. All voting will be monitored and if cheating is suspected, it will be dealt with. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLOOD THE BALLOT BOX for a contestant, ONE VOTE PER PAIR please and thank you!